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“Accademia Italiana della Pizza” is the benchmark for who would like to become pizza-chef .
We are also well-known by the brand Pizzaitalianacademy PIA and every day we are contacted by people from all over the world who want to learn how to make the real italian pizza!
Pizzaitalianacademy has revolutionized the trade of the “school of pizza” because our courses are carried out directly into real pizzerias in Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, England and Australia. In such a way that anyone from scratch can really learn this craft in a real working environment, being in close contact with professionals pizza makers!

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Grab a pizza chef diploma by choosing one of our courses and you will also get the original and unique practical pizza book, an incredible operative manual that you find only here!

Pizzaitalianacademy is part of PIA CORPORATION COMPANY LTD (London) that encloses the Academy of Italian Bread (for those who want to become baker, and the Italian Cuisine Academy (for cooking classes or

Many tried to imitate us but our method and our unique global service is unique in this trade!
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We are pleased to let you know our famous pizza course to become Pizza Chef. Pizzaitalianacademy ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DELLA PIZZA is the renowned Academy of pizza in Italy: place where pizza is born! For this reason by participating in one of our courses in London we learn to make real Italian pizza. With our method after the course you will be able to know how to make pizza by yourself in a professional manner. At the end of the course you will receive our diplomas, our uniform and our letter of reference. All our instructors are qualified to our international recognised diplomas.



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